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Popular Dog Prostate Supplement - Prospet

Popular Dog Prostate Supplement - Prospet

Reader Question: Best Dog Prostate Supplements

My 5 yr old field spaniel had had 2 prostate infections in the past 2 months. The vet said if they keep reoccurring then neutering him may be the answer.

He also had Inflammatory Bowel Disease and is on a vet formula diet (Hill's Z/D) and takes the following supplements daily: Standard Process (Immune System Support, Enteric support), antioxidant, and Prilosic.

I would like to try some herbal remedy before proceeding with neutering and was wondering what would be the best to use considering the other supplements he already takes?

Vet Suggested Dog Prostate Supplements


Saw Palmetto is the classic herbal remedy for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) in men, but research seems to indicate that it is less effective in dogs. Does your veterinarian think your dog has BPH with secondary infections? If BPH is the underlying problem it might be worth trying one of the herbal prostate blends that are available. Standard Process makes a couple of good products, and since your dog is already on two of their supplements I would call them and ask about any possible interactions.

That said, I suspect your veterinarian’s thought that neutering will be the best option if the infections continue is correct.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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