Dog Raw Skin and Hairless at Tail Base

by Steve

My dog has a raw area on her back where the tail meets her back. Hair is missing and she's constantly at it. Can you shed some light on the problem?


Editor Comment Dog Raw Skin and Hairless Area at Tail Base Problem

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your question regardless dog raw skin and hairless areas, particularly around the tail.

Dog skin is the most exposed part of the body, and thus is prone to various conditions. So, it is relatively difficult to tell what exactly your dog is going through.

Raw dog skin, with hair missing at specific parts of the body and at the base of the tail, as in the case, indicates the presence of a dog hot spot. More over, if your dog continuously scratches that area, and tries to lick or chew it, this represents that the cause is infectious or in other words it can be parasitic or a bacterial infection.

It is recommended that you closely note the symptoms, such as is the dog skin condition spreading over time, any signs of dandruff, dog skin dryness, any lesions, increased oiliness and redness etc.

it is recommended that you start treatment with some natural preparations. You should bathe your dog with a herbal shampoo such as Vet's Best Hot Spot Shampoo. This should remove any dandruff, dryness and treat dog skin itchiness naturally. If it is a minor issue, as it seems, it will surely get resolved in a couple of weeks.

Otherwise, in case lesions occur or symptoms persist, you might need a medicated shampoo such as Clinical Care. Also, to improve skin health and regrowth of hair, regularly use a herbal skin tonic such as Skin and Coat Tonic.

It happens that dog skin problems caused by parasites or their carriers like ticks, bugs etc start from the rear end, such as the tail, base of the tail or hind limbs. So, it is recommended that you also disinfect the area in which your dog frequently goes or is habituating. Wash your dog's belongings and treat your home with a disinfectant known to kill parasites such as Benzarid. If you don't, there is a possibility that the dog parasite problem will return.

Please keep us up to date on your dogs raw skin condition, hot spots or hairless areas.

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Jul 22, 2017
sore tail
by: Shelly

Hi my dog Cody had the same thing on his tail and they called it Happy tail,it's from them wagging it so hard and hitting against things. He also lost his hair and developed bumps but it was not cancer it was just from reopening the wounds over and over. It is always good to get them looked at though because it can get infected. Hope this helped.

Feb 26, 2017
Dog cancer
by: Anonymous

My dog hit his tail on the door and it bled everywhere,shortly after that it developed a bump,no hair grew there. He then over time developed more bumps that bled. He passed away,but I am still bothered by it,don't know what it was. I think it was lymphoma cancer.

Jan 30, 2012
dog with smooth hard lump hairless where tail attaches
by: melissa

Hi Steve,

Just reading the article about your dog is the same problem i have with my staffy who is 4rs old. my partner & i couldn't work out what it may be. by any chance have you had your dog looked at. I'm not sure about taking my dog to the vet.


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