Dog Red Skin Problem

by Evonne Roper
(Tulsa OK USA)

Dog Red Skin Reader Question: I do not have any idea the dog type. He was given to us last week. He was very red on the underside of his body. Itching like crazy and the fronts of both front and back legs. He has been licking the front legs until they weep.

I finally gave up and in spite of the open type of wounds I gave him a bath. He had a very strong dog smell and i just couldn't stand it any longer. After i bathed him the smell got a little bit better and the dog skin redness is a bit better. It almost looks like he could have been pulled or held over fire.

The other concern is the quarter sized dog skin patches on his back. There is hair loss but it does not look red like his underside.

I desperately want to make him feel better but I truly cannot afford to take him to our vet right now.

I hope you can give me some ideas for helping him feel better.

- Evonne Roper

Dog Red Skin Dog Health Guide Editor Suggestions:

Dear Evonne,

Thank you for your question and sorry to hear about the dog red skin and dog skin problems.

Dog skin problems occur due to several reasons or factors. Typical causes of canine skin conditions include parasites, bacteria, fungus and environmental allergies etc.

Dogs that are either rescued or adopted usually remain exposed to numerous factors in the environment which causes symptoms such as dog skin lesions, itching, crusts etc over the skin.

Unfortunately, without a clinical examination by a veterinarian and laboratory tests, it is impossible to definitely diagnose the exact problem.

However, you can try to follow some of these dog skin care tips, which will definitely help your dog recover, but remember these should not be
considered as a definite treatment.

1. Regular baths are very effective for the purpose of generalized cleansing and soothing the skin, but remember in this case your dog has skin lesions and is ill. Common dog shampoos and conditioners might not be helpful. Also, some of the commonly used shampooing products can cause worsening of the tissues under the skin.

You should try a medicated and anti itch shampoo such as Synergy Labs Medicated Anti-Itch Shampoo, which will not only help with cleansing, but also the ingredients will keep dog’s skin protected from bacteria and will help to reduce any dog skin itch. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions before you apply the shampoo.

2. Apply some healing and soothing agents such as Dermasol Skin Relief at least twice a day on the dog hot spots. This will help to reduce itchiness and will soothe the skin, so that the dog will not lick itself.

3. If your dog is licking the lesions, it not only worsens the lesions, but also it can ingest pathogenic (diseased) material along with it, leading to generalized complications. A better idea is to use some type of collar such as a Pet Botanics E-Collarto prevent the dog from licking itself.

4. To improve overall skin health and to help the regrowth of hair over the bald patches, you can use a herbal remedy such as Skin and Coat Tonic. This will not only promote healthy skin but also the immunity of yours dog.

Remember, we can't stress enough that all of the aforementioned tips are for support only. If your dog's status does not improve or if you see any extraordinary symptoms, please consult a veterinarian. This way a definite diagnosis will be made and a recommended specific treatment will help your dog heal completely.

Please keep us up to date on your dog's skin condition.

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