Dog Sinus Congestion and Snoring

by Richard Congdon
(United States)

Reader Question: Dog Sinus Congestion and Snoring

I adopted a 1 1/2 yr old female Pomeranian 4 days ago. They said she was picked up as a stray with no background information on her. The only problems I have with her she's a little over weight but we are working on that, but she seems to have a severe sinus problem.

Her symptoms are sneezing ,snorting, snoring, and short spurts of convulsions. Her nose sounds blocked or congested and she tries pushing air out of her snout hard. Anything u can tell me will help me would be greatly appreciated.

Vet Suggestion For Treating Dog Sinus Problems

Hi Richard,

I am concerned that your Pomeranian may be suffering from a condition affecting her nasal passages. Possibilities include a foreign object that is lodged in the area, a tumor, nasal mites (a type of parasite), and a fungal or bacterial infection. Your best option for determining what might be going on and how best to treat it is to see a veterinarian.

The doctor will start with a physical examination and unless the answer is readily apparent, probably need to sedate your dog to fully examine her nasal passages and oral cavity, take a sample of any nasal discharge present and look at it under the microscope to rule out infection, and take x-rays of her nasal passages and sinuses.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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