Dog Stomach Problems After Eye Surgery

by Rebecca
(Lowton warrington)

Reader Question: Dog Stomach Problems After Surgery

Hi my dog has recently had an corneal transplant and started to be sick from the anti inflammatory medications they gave him. I stopped these after two weeks which was hard as he needed them after the operation.

The eye is healing slowly it has been about 7-8 weeks now, but over the past 2 weeks he seems depressed. He still eats chicken and rice if only a small amount at a time but in the night he is sick.

He has been to veterinarian and had blood tests and an ultra sound. They also used a tube inserted down the throat to take a biopsy of stomach. They say it could be stomach tumours as the stomach is swelled and I am worried when he goes in Thursday.

They also said could be Addison's disease.

Can you give me any advice? He is an 11 year old Staffy who is loved enormously and I am worried for him.

Veterinarian Suggestion

Hi Rebecca,

I am sorry to hear of everything you and our dog have been through recently. He is lucky to have such a dedicated owner!

It sounds as if your veterinarian is doing an excellent job diagnosing what might be behind your dog’s symptoms. I suspect that the endoscopy (tube down the throat) and/or the testing for Addison’s disease will provide you with the answers you need.

If that is not the case, you can always ask to be referred to a specialist who can continue your dog’s work-up.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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