Dog Trembling and Shaking

by Doug
(Brownsville Tenn, Haywood)

We have a Beagle about 6 to 8 years of age, not sure as she was a rescue dog. She appeared to be having a seizure 2 nights ago, and after it seemed to pass, she looked glassy eyed, trembled and was shaking. She also seemed disoriented and the back hips didn't seem to move normally. She seemed to have difficulty moving and going down and up 2 steps to our back yard. She would not take a treat..and hasn't yet..but did eat normally since. We have taken her to our Vet and he ran blood work and observed her for the day. No signs of a stroke or anything he could pin point. She still exhibits the same trembling and shaking all over until she is helped to her sleeping area. What could be causing the shaking and trembling and what should we ask our Vet to look for or test for? Your expertise would greatly be appreciated as we have looked up everything to find some kind of answer....but to no avail.


The Stuarts

Suggestion from The Dog Health Guide Editors:

There are different reasons for symptoms such as trembling, shaking and dog seizures. Older dogs are more at risk for these kinds of problems. Also, beagles are predisposed to canine epilepsy.

Since you mentioned that your veterinarian saw nothing in the blood profiles and has closely monitored your dog for a day or so, as an initial approach towards diagnosis, we would suggest you ask that additional testing be done. Diagnosing the exact cause of a canine seizure is a hard task to accomplish due to various conditions
that are associated with seizures.

Ask your vet to check for some kind of poisoning. specifically lead poisoning or parasites/helminthes, and of course test for epilepsy.

If any of above conditions i.e. poisoning and epilepsy is shown to be negative in tests, the next step in diagnosing the problem might require radiography and a detailed examination of the brain. Brain tumors, high blood pressure towards the brain and neurological stress can cause dog seizures.

You can take some precautionary steps until the exact condition is diagnosed and treated. Make sure that your dog remains on the floor most of time, so that the chance of falling and possible injury is reduced. Try to keep her busy with some indoor activities (should not require much energy and/or running), so that any neurological stress she might be experiencing can be prevented.

Vitamins are supposed to be very effective for dogs with seizures and neurological problems. You can either add these supplements to your dog's diet or can present them in the form of treats. Consider dog vitamin products formulated for a Senior Dog such as 21st Century Senior Chews Complete Daily Multivitamin or Nutri-Vet Senior Vitality Vitamins for Dogs.

Since your beagle is experiencing stress which is affecting the brain and nervous system, you can also try and use herbal preparations that are formulated for relaxation and for keeping stress levels low, in addition to maintaining a normal physiology. One example would be a product called EaseSure.

Both of these options, i.e. vitamins and herbal remedies are not only effective for support, but also do not require a prescription.

Please write to us with an update.

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Mar 12, 2011
Dog trembling - what I have found to work
by: Anonymous

Hi -

My Beagle Turbo, whom I have had since he was a puppy and is now 3 1/2 does the same thing every once in a while and did it tonight. For whatever reason, giving him a tums (or storebrand tums) helps, and I hold him gently but firmly, talk to him gently, let him know he is going to be okay in a soft soothing voice, and always after five to ten minutes of the holding and talking the trembling stops and he is okay, although I do hold him an extra few minutes to reassure him.

Also, when this happens, his nose gets very warm and dry but when it is over, it returns to normal.

After he is no longer shaking, I make an excuse to get him to move by moving myself then simply tell him to move, and he can move again with no problem.

Although I have no idea what the problem is, this is what works for me. I do truly believe it has something to do with anxiety, because I work from home and am always here and today I had to leave several times to run errands.

Good luck on this with your dog. Hope what works for me helps you a little.

Feb 09, 2011
Ditto the Beagle "Seizure" Trembling Problem
by: Susan Price

Our beagle (pedigreed but spayed) displays the same glassy-eyed, trembling, loss of balance periodically (say, maybe once or twice every 3-4 months).

We watch over her during the spells, and she doesn't lose consciousness, drool, or urinate/defecate. The spells last from 1-3 minutes, after which she typically goes to sleep.

The vet has suggested we videotape one of the spells. Since there seems to be no big suffering or lasting effects, we haven't sprung for neurological tests. I'd be reluctant to treat her with anything that would cause side effects. Would love to hear from others about this problem.

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