Dog Urine Offensive Odor

by The Mohs Family

Dog Urine Odor Reader Question

Over the last 3 weeks our Jack Russell terrier has had a foul urine odor. We haven't checked with the vet just yet. We think it may be a bladder infection? Any advice?

Thanks so much.

The Mohs family

Dog Urine Odor Editor Answer:

Dear Moh's Family,

Thank you for your question.

When bacteria take hold in a dog urinary tract, especially in the urinary bladder, it causes the conversion of uric acid/urea to urease. Urease has a foul noticeable amonia smell.

There are several kinds of bacteria and other micro organisms that occur in the urinary bladder. When a dog has a suppressed immune system, these bacteria can grow into larger populations, including infectious bacteria.

Canine urinary tract problems (including infections), have some specific signs, such as difficulty urinating and dog urine that appears cloudy due to pus or dead tissues that are mixed into the urine. Blood may or may not be present in cases of urinary tract infection; it depends upon the severity of the condition.

For the time being, you can try to use a natural remedy such as UTI-Free Formula for treating any possible urinary tract problems. These remedies are safe and effective; hopefully this will resolve the problem.

Moreover, ensure that your pet drinks plenty of clean and hygienic water. Increased urination will help cleanse the urinary tract. Also, spend more time with your dog, and go for an extra walk each day. This could help address any behavioral problem, and a walk will encourage more urination.

If you notice other severe symptoms related to a urinary tract infection, consult a veterinarian. Detailed urinalysis along with specific treatment might then be needed such as the use of antibiotics.

We hope this helps. Let us know.

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