Dog Vomiting Clear Liquid

by Karl

Last night at around 3AM my dog started to vomit a massive amount of clear yellow liquid. It smelled really sour, almost like bile. After drinking some water she threw that up mixed with what seemed like a lot of mucus mixed in, there was no color. The puddles of vomit range from 3 to 5 feet in diameter. Her last vomit was clear with a yellowish tint and red brown flecks in it with a sour smell.

Please tell me what might be wrong with my dog.

Vet Suggestion For Dog Vomiting

Hello Karl,

The list of conditions that cause dogs to vomit in the way that you describe is quite long. It is impossible to narrow down the possibilities without a physical examination and some diagnostic testing so please make an appointment with your veterinarian. Your dog’s condition sounds severe enough that she should be seen first thing in the morning, unless she is able to keep down water and food by that point.

Do not offer your dog anything by mouth until she has not vomited for several hours and appears to feel better. Eating or drinking too soon can initiate more vomiting.

Once she’s on the road to recovery, offer her small amounts of water and food frequently throughout the day to avoid stressing her stomach with too much at any one time. Easily digestible diets (e.g., those made from white rice and boiled white meat chicken with no skin or bones) often work best. Take five days or so to gradually transition her back to her normal diet.

In essence, you want to treat your dog as you would treat yourself after coming off a bad stomach bug or case of food poisoning.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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