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My 9 month female, unspayed Cavoodle wee's when anyone comes into the house. This could be someone familiar in the family or a friend who she may have only met once. She is very friendly and excited with us and can't help but leave a trail of dog pee behind her.

We are trying to alleviate this by not giving her any attention when we get home and we put her straight outside, but this doesn't always work.

Any ideas of when this will stop or how we can stop it?

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Cavoodles or Cavadoodles are considered to be very friendly, affectionate and easy to train companions. Additionally, they love to play and due to their friendly nature, they get more excited. Excitement in their behavior is mainly related to their genetics.

Hybrid dogs, particularly, poodle hybrids show relatively more excitement when they show affection. This is done in many ways, such as when your dog pees, leaves urine markers and sometimes when a dog jumps all over the person to whom it is showing affection.

This behavior is normal for cavoodles. It can be corrected with proper house training and by taking some measures to reduce the levels of excitement.

You can start with steps that avoid making your dog behaviorally excited. Do not praise your dog when it acts in ways that are not to your liking.

Try to engage your dog with toys and other playful stuff. Avoid giving your dog attention as soon as you come back into the home.

Remember, these dogs require relatively more attention
from an owner, so if possible make sure that you engage with your dog during an hour of your choice. Once you set a schedule, try not to change it.

To improve your training efforts, consider crate training. Crate training will help to reduce the behavior which has your dog leaving dog urine markers. You can find a suitable crate at dog supply stores such as PetSmart.

Both wire and plastic crates will work. Dog's start to consider the crate their home, and will instinctively not pee in the crate. If your dog is a puppy, don't leave it in the crate longer than 1 hour x age if months old +1 (so a 4 month old should not be in the dog crate more than 5 hours. If an adult, exercise your dog before putting in the crate for not more than 8 hours. 12 max (since the dog will not pee in the crate).

Slowly introduce the notion that you will be closing the crate door. Do it when your dog is tired and put something in the crate to keep him or her occupied. Only leave the door closed for minutes at first and then gradually increase the time. Don't let your dog out if the dog is whining or behaving badly.

Additionally, to control excitement naturally, you can try a herbal remedy such as Performance Plus. These types of products will not only help to controlling the excitement behavior, but also will improve physical and mental strength as well. These are safe and only require that you carefully follow the instructions on the label.

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Sep 18, 2015
Cesar Milan's Advice
by: Anonymous

Years ago, my little Jack Russell had a wetting issue when approached by anyone entering my home, I had her checked for any UTI first, once vet gave me the ok, I began having folks enter my home and gave them this instruction: "NO TALK, NO TOUCH, NO EYE CONTACT". Everyone that came in totally ignored my little girl for only 2 minutes, by then she was approaching each person for attention, it was quite successful & that was 7 yrs ago & apparently she has outgrown that issue. Try it but make sure all understand what you're asking them to do. The best to you & your dog!

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