Dog Weight Loss and Blood in Dog Pee

I have a 13 year old Golden Retreiver. He has always been healthy. About 2 weeks ago he stopped having any interest in his dog food. He would eat very little, but still drank water. He has lost so much weight. You can see his ribs and hip bones protrude. I went outside with him today and he pees bright red blood in the snow.

Oh my goodness!! What could be wrong!

Dog Weight Loss, Blood in Urine Dog Health Guide Editor Comment

Sorry to hear about the weight loss and dog blood in urine problem.

Older dogs are prone to several health issues. In this case, it's hard to be sure if these are the only symptoms being exhibited by your dog as our understanding is limited to those you mentioned.

Based on your dog's age, breed and the symptoms mentioned, it seems that your dog is suffering from chronic canine kidney disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease in dogs is a continuous process of failure of the nephrons or unit cells of the kidneys. This usually starts at the age of 5 – 6 years and the affected dog goes through different stages.

As you mentioned, a dog affected by canine kidney disease that is older than 12 years of age exhibits signs such as anorexia (appetite loss), normal or excessive water intake, and fresh blood in dog urine.

Remember, there are other
signs that are also associated with dog kidney disease and you should note them as well, such as pale gums (represents anemia, if your dog has been losing blood in urine for quite some time), bad breath and/or oral ulcers, vomiting and dark tarry stools.

Some of the symptoms might not be present, and it is a prediction only. Remember, a definite diagnosis can only be made with a detailed clinical examination and with a few laboratory tests. You should consult a veterinarian for purpose.

In the mean time, to avoid any complications and to support the patient’s body condition, you can take the following measures:

1. Try to avoid feeding your dog more protein. Try some food with low proteins in it and higher energy content. Also, do not feed any extra mineral supplements.

2. Offer your dog a lot of clean and hygienic water to drink. Make sure your dog does not drink large volumes of water each time as it can cause severe vomiting.

3. Try natural remedies such as Kidney Support and Immunity and Liver Support Formula to help your dog's body condition and to reduce any symptoms. These are safe and will help your dog until an exact confirmatory diagnosis is made.

4. Keep an eye on any symptomatic developments in your dog, particularly since additional care is needed for older dogs.

Please keep us up to date on your dog's condition.

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May 23, 2010
Get your dog to the Vet, please!!!
by: Anonymous

My beautiful black Lab had similar symptoms about 2 months ago...honestly, the time frame has become a blur..he went off his dry dog food, drank water, but would eat chicken or steak etc. After less than a week exhibiting these symptoms(and only 3 lbs of weight loss) I had him to the Vet ...a sonogram followed a physical exam...he was diagnosed with cancer of the urethra that had invaded his prostate and metastisised (sp?)to the lymph nodes in that area..a cancer with no good treatment or prognosis. He had been castrated at seven months of age and had his annual physical about two months prior. He was a very strong, health,fit and happy dog who was very well taken care of in every aspect of his life. He had just turned 10, but looked 6 and acted 3. I took him to the Animal Medical Center in NYC to confirm the diagnosis.He had a stent implanted so he could pee as the tumor was squeezing his urethra and was entered into an experimental chemo therapy program...the chemo was too much for him to endure, and the cancer was incurable, so he was withdrawn from the program. My local Vet and I devised a hospice program for him to keep him out of pain and comfortable, having more good time then bad. He lived a home with me for the next 6 or so weeks. He played a little ball, wet on little walks, wagged his tail for the people he loved, snuggle with his brother, snuggled with me. He was hand fed or fed a "smoothie" of chicken, chicken stock, sweet potato, olive oil, etc. via a 60 ml syringe if he would not eat. He medicated for nausea,gastrointestinal upset, pain, etc. and given calorie and vitamin mineral supplements in his "shakes". The day before yesterday, he began to deteriorate rapidly...I did all I could to manage his pain and stayed up with him on the floor thru the night as he was suddenly too weak to jump up on the bed. Heartbreakingly, he was humanely put to sleep yesterday at 7:30 our home by my brilliant and compassionate Vet. My beautiful Tiger was surrounded by the love and comfort of his dad and me. Please,get your dog to your Vet immediately for a diagnosis..the thinner u allow your beautiful friend to become, the more weakened and less able to fight. Unlike my poor poor boy, I hope your dog has a treatable is up to you to give you dog a fighting chance!!

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