Dogs Eye Infection Turned Blue

by Sarah Maxson
(Nelson B.C)

My 13 year old male shih Tzu got an eye infection, been treating it but has not helped. Now his eye has turned a foggy blue color.

What does this mean? I have not had any more funds to go back to the veterinarian.

Please Help.

Response From Our Vet

Hello Sarah,

The blue discoloration that you describe affecting your dog’s eye could be a result of any of a number of problems. My number one rule out would be corneal edema (swelling of the surface of the dog’s eye). Other possibilities include corneal scarring, pus inside your dog’s eye, or a cataract. All of these conditions have the possibility of leading to permanent loss of vision in that eye. Your dog could also be in a lot of pain.

The only way to determine what is going on and how it is best treated is for you to make an appointment with a veterinarian. Many veterinary offices will help set up a payment schedule for their clients when finances are tight. Your dog’s condition sounds serious enough that asking friends and family for help is also another reasonable option. A list of payment resources is available on the ASPCA’s website.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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