Early signs of Fleas or Mange?

by Jazmyn
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada )

I just got a Jack Russell from a home that wasn't very good. I didn't want to take her because I knew she had issues however I felt the need to save her. She had fleas and I have given her Advantage. Her ears look clean. She has no fur on her belly, a welt on her genitalia and little black spots that don't wipe off on her belly. I am not sure if this is all flea related or some other parasite. I hope someone can help!

Editor comment, Jack Russell with dog parasite problem

Dear Jaszmyn,

Sorry to hear about the dog flea condition.

It is always recommended that whenever you adopt a pet or a pet with a health condition it is best to consult a veterinarian for a detailed examination. It is necessary for not only the pet but also for the safety of the family members in the new home.

We appreciate your compassion for this dog, but for your and yours family's safety, it should be handled with care; fleas can be transmitted to yours family. Once fleas are disbursed into your home/environment they are hard to eliminate. We recommend that you should pay a visit to a veterinarian's office for detailed examination of the dog and all the health issues found according to its physiological state should be properly addressed.

Administering therapeutics at your own, especially those which require a prescription is never a good idea.

Here, we can suggest some tips and recommend some naturally extracted remedies, which will help in treating the flea infestation, but remember these are for support only. Yours pet might need a detailed examination and specific treatment plan if the conditions are clinically worse then
you narrated.

Though Advantage is a good product for the elimination of fleas, the dose and frequency of application should be defined according to age, weight and status of your dog. Therefore, we'd recommend the use of a herbal product as an alternative, which you can use on your own, that will be safe, and that does not require a prescription at all.

We suggest using a flea dip and herbal shampoo such as Dermisil Flea dip which can be mixed with any herbal shampoo including the one also offered by Dermisil.

Additionally to provide comfort and to reduce itchiness, a quality dermal cream such as FleaDerm should be applied after each bathe and as required.

Additionally, to help boost the dogs immune system and skin health, tonics are supportive remedies that can be used regularly. These products will help to restore skin health to normal and will help hairs to regrow. A good choice is Skin and Coat Tonic.

Since fleas are highly transmissible organisms and the condition may persist due to their existence in the environment and bedding of your pet, we suggest washing all of the dog's belongings in hot water with a quality detergent. Use a disinfectant spray such as Benzarid inside your home, lawn and pet area to ensure the complete eradication of fleas and their eggs.

Remember, fleas can be transmitted to humans, so be careful while handling your pet. Also, these recommendations are only provided to help you in eradicating the condition at home. If the condition persists or if you see any unusual signs building up in your pet, it's best to consult a nearby veterinarian for a detailed and specific treatment plan.

Best of luck with the dog flea condition.

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