Enlarged Prostate Symptoms in Neutered Dog

by Dog Mom
(Huntington Beach, CA)

Reader Question: Dog Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

We adopted a Senior Male (Vet. estimates range 10-14 yrs) Schnauzer/Terrier mix from a shelter last Feb. He was neutered just prior. He has always had extreme difficulty with bowel movements, although regular pumpkin in his diet has helped. He also needs to urinate frequently. Recently we've noticed his penis is out at all times, & the area between appears a little puffy & is sensitive. When they are neutered so late in life, can this still be a prostate issue, even though everything I have read says that neutering eliminates the problem?

Suggestions from Our Veterinarian

Most prostate problems in dogs can be prevented if neutered in the dog's first year. But, those neutered at later stages of life, in this case after 10 years old; chances are highest that prostate problems may persist, even after neutering.

In dogs, prostate problems or related issues are the most common reason for constipation and difficultly in urination. A need to urinate frequently is either difficult or strained urination. These signs are caused by an enlarged prostate, which puts pressure on the urinary bladder, tract and colon, thus causing difficulty in urination & bowel movements. Therefore, veterinarians would suggest to neuter such a dog. The idea is that after surgical removal of the prostate, it shrinks in size and releases the pressure on other organs. Also, surgical removal is indicated if the prostate is affected by a chronic infection, benign or malign hypertrophy or cancer.

Now, for your dog, which is neutered just recently… and it still shows signs of strained urination and constipation; it is either that even after surgical removal, a remaining part of gland may still be hypertrophic or inflamed. That is why the prostate needs to be examined at frequent intervals after surgery. The prostate must shrink in size after surgery to eliminate problems like these.

It is therefore recommended to get your dog examined by a veterinarian as a priority and get the condition treated accordingly. The signs of puffiness and sensitivity are not good when it comes to areas like that of urinary/reproductive systems and for a dog of this age.

There are certain natural products which you can try that may help with the prostate after surgery such as Prospet.

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