Female Dog Leaking Bladder

by Bill

I have a just turned 7 Doberman female spayed. Two years ago I noticed some dog bladder leaking. It was very infrequent and I didn't think much about it.

Over the last 6 months the leaking has now become much worse. I see puddles when she lays down. We took a urine sample to veterinarian and they found crystals in dog urine. They want to do a X-Ray and some blood work. They suspect possible dog bladder stones.

I have been reading about urinary canine incontinence. It seems she has those signs as far as leaking. The urine test shows traces of crystals, but does that cause a leaky dog bladder or does it seem like she may have two issues?

We will have the X-Rays and blood work done for sure to rule in or out any issues, but all I have been reading seems to say that dog bladder stones cause blockages which could cause the animal to constantly be trying to go and can't. Our dog urinates fine, she just also leaks sometimes quite a bit and almost daily.

She may be developing stones, but I think she also has incontinence. Are these two issues related does crystals cause leakage?

Thank you,


Suggestions from our Vet regarding Canine Urinary Incontinence

Hi Bill,

I think you are right on track with your dog’s care. It certainly sounds like she could have canine hormone responsive incontinence, which is not uncommon in older, spayed female dogs. The reason your vet is recommending a closer look into the urinary crystals is because they could be exacerbating her incontinence and you did say she had gotten worse recently.

The hope would be that if she does have a problem with crystals or stones, clearing that up could make her incontinence better, if not completely eliminate it. If or when your dog has a completely normal urinalysis, and if she is still “leaking” at an unacceptable level, it is time to consider treating her incontinence directly, either with hormones or something called PPA.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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