Flakes On Dog Coat

When I brush my dog minute flakes like dandruff emerge from his coat. I am wondering what this might be and how I can remedy it. He doesn't scratch much, very occasionally, maybe a couple of times per week.

He's an eleven-month-old schnauzer/Labrador cross. He's on dry food, Applaws large puppy variety. I have been giving him a treat of about a tablespoonful of mackerel in sunflower oil once per week.

Looking forward to your reply.


Vet Suggestion Flakes On Dog Coat

Hello Sally,

Skin flaking like you describe can have many underlying causes. Some of these are “no big deal” like dry skin or some genetic disorders, but others can worsen and cause significant discomfort over time. Since it sounds like your dog is normal in all other respects, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try some at-home, symptomatic treatment before making a trip to the veterinary office.

Oral fatty acid supplements like salmon oil or other products high in omega-3 fatty acids are a good place to start. Also, bathe your dog with a gentle shampoo often enough to remove the flakes and keep the skin clean but not so often that you increase skin dryness – every 2-4 weeks is reasonable. Topical products like rel=”nofollow”>Dermoscent or Duoxo Seborrhea Spot-On can also be very helpful.

If none of these options work or if your dog’s condition worsens at anytime, make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Best of luck,
Jennifer Coates, DVM

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