Getting Rid of Giardia with Artificial Turf

by Sophie White
(Garner, NC)

Reader Question: Will artificial turf get rid of dog giardia

Can you get rid of giardia by using artificial turf? We are having artificial turf put in our entire backyard by a professional who turfs the veterinary businesses in our area. I have also heard and read that a good hard frost will kill giardia. If I clean the dogs blankets, beds, floors, decks, driveway, sidewalks w/a bleach/water mix will this pretty much guarantee elimination of giardia?

Vet Response: How to get rid of giardia outdoors

Hello Sophie,

Switching to artificial turf in your yard might help with Giardia control since you will be more likely to completely remove feces and there are fewer places where the parasite could “hide” from extremes in temperature, UV light, disinfectants, etc., but I’m concerned as to why you feel going to such an extreme is necessary. Are you having chronic or severe problems with Giardia in your dogs?

Most dogs come in contact with Giardia from time to time, either because they drink from questionable water sources or have contact with the feces of infected animals. Many dogs who become infected with Giardia do not develop any symptoms of disease. Those who do often have another health problem like an immunosuppressive disease or concurrent gastrointestinal conditions (other parasites, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.) that make it difficult for them to fight off the Giardia.

And to answer your other question, yes, a bleach/water mix is helpful for getting rid of potential sources of Giardia reinfection for dogs.

I urge you to consult with your veterinarian to come up with the best possible Giardia control strategy for your situation.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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