Hard Bump Under Dog Chin

by Kate
(Rockville, MD, USA)

My 11 year old white shepherd has a smooth, hard lump, about the size of a pinky fingertip, under her chin. I cannot see any discoloration.

She has been rubbing her chin and licking her feet a bit, is cushinoid and hypothyroid but these conditions are in check with meds.
There is no hair loss or bad smell and she prefers I not touch it so it must be somewhat painful.


Editor Suggestion Hard Bump under Dog Chin

Dear Kate,

This is definitely worth a trip to the veterinarian. There are many potential causes of a lump under the dog chin, but in an older dog a tumor is always a big worry.

This mass doesn’t sound too big (yet) but this is a difficult area to do surgery in so the quicker you address the problem the better.

Of course, the lump may not be a tumor. It could be a pocket of infection, a cyst -- any number of things – but your girl is uncomfortable, so it needs to be addressed.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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