Hard Swollen Lumps on Side of Dogs Penis

by Adam
(Jordan NY. United States)

I have staff shire terrier about 1 1/2 years old. I've noticed he has red swollen lumps on both sides of his penis. Where is balls would be. But he's been neutered for over a year. They don't seem to be bothering him. But they look painful. Any ideas?

Editor Suggestion - Swollen Lumps Near Penis of Neutered Dog

Hi Adam,

The only way to know what is causing the issue is a a consultation with your veterinarian.

That said, some potential reasons for these lumps may include:

Infection or inflammation: It's possible that the area could be infected or inflamed due to various reasons, such as a skin infection, bug bite, or an ingrown hair.

Allergic reaction: Your dog may be experiencing an allergic reaction to something in his environment, such as a new detergent or carpet cleaner, which could cause skin irritation and swelling.

Cysts or growths: These could be benign growths or cysts that have developed in the area.

Complications from the neutering procedure: Although it's been over a year since your dog was neutered, there is a small chance that there could be complications related to the surgery, such as a reaction to the sutures or a localized infection.

As suggested, make an appointment with a veterinarian to properly assess the situation and provide appropriate treatment.

All the best to you and your dog,

Editor and Publisher
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