Help for Lethargic Sick Puppy

by Clare Loveidge and Suggestions from Our Vet
(uk pontypridd mid glamorgan south walse)

A Puppy With Symptoms Such as Acting in Pain, Crying and Lethargy Should Be Seen By a Vet ASAP. <br><small>Source: Washington State University</small>

A Puppy With Symptoms Such as Acting in Pain, Crying and Lethargy Should Be Seen By a Vet ASAP.
Source: Washington State University

i have a 2 year old pup and I am very worried about him as in the last 2 to 3 days I have noticed a bald patch on his chest. It looks raised off his skin and it is causing him severe discomfort as he is trying to lick it but cannot reach the spot.

He has also lost his appetite and he is very lethargic. Before you could throw his ball and he would go get it and bring it back. He is also crying a lot which he has never done before. He is also constantly licking his feet and scratching.

I did shower him and I used my shampoo instead of one made for dogs. I have also been giving him cheese. He has had antibiotics before for a skin infection.

I took him to the PDSA and they asked if I had used anything in the house that I never usually use. I told them yes, shake,n,vac so there was my answer. He had bald patches then but he was not so upset like he is this time. I myself think he is in severe pain and I just want it to stop.

Another sign is when I first noticed he had a bald patch. He was constantly trembling and could not keep still. For instance he could go to bed to lie down. He would be there about 1 or 2 minutes, then he would jump up and run around the living room like if something had bitten him.

Please Please help my puppy as I cannot stand seeing him like this.



Vet Suggestion for Puppy with Bald Patch and Multiple Symptoms

Hello Clare,

It does sound as if your dog is very uncomfortable, and I worry about the fact that he is lethargic and not eating. Most conditions that are strictly dermatological in nature do not cause systemic symptoms like these. He should definitely be seen by a veterinarian ASAP.

If your dog was my patient and was as ill as it sounds based on your description, I would want to run blood work, a urinalysis, and a fecal examination to check his systemic health. I would then base any additional diagnostic tests off of what I found on his physical exam and lab tests. This might include skin cytology to look for infection, skin scrapings to check for mites, a fungal culture for ringworm, or a skin biopsy.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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