How To Remove Dog Heartworms

by LaDonna
(Foxworth Ms. )

My dog is in the first stage of heart-worm. We noticed a little worm in the area where we keep him. The fluid that surrounds the worm is a slimy greenish color. Could this be one of the worms? If so how are they leaving his body?

Veterinarian Suggestion: Canine Heart-worm Treatment

Hello LaDonna,

It is possible for heart-worm positive dogs to cough up pieces of or even entire heartworms. This is not a common complication of heartworm disease, however. If your dog were my patient, I would want to perform a physical examination and run a fecal test to rule out other types of worms.

If your dog is indeed coughing up heart-worms, your veterinarian needs to know so he or she can plan appropriate treatment.

Best of luck,
Jennifer Coates, DVM

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