How to Treat Dog Vomiting

by Joe Devereaux
(Villas, NJ 08251)

Reader Question: How to stop dog vomiting

My dog is 9 years old a mix of German Shepard, yellow lab, and Chow. The past couple of days HE has been getting the runs, now he is throwing up clear liquid with pieces of small dog food mixed in with it. He keeps drinking water and a hour or so later he throws it up. He has been eating the same dog food and is not given any table food. I have stopped giving him food and water to see if it will stop.

Suggestions from our Veterinarian on treating a dog who is vomiting

There may be several causes for the vomiting. The cause can be an underlying serious problem, or it can be nothing. Symptoms of vomiting whether acute or chronic should never be underestimated.

As in this case, signs of clear liquid vomit with the smaller pieces of dog food particles may indicate a minor problem. Sudden onset of these symptoms is common in mixed breeds after a sustained physical activity. It can be gastro esophageal reflux. In such cases, a dog may show signs of drooling, lip licking and food regurgitation along with bad breath. Vomiting is usually caused by irritation of stomach epithelial or surface cells. This irritation is usually the result of high acid levels or an excessive secretion of bile from the liver. In serious cases, like that involving liver and its secretions, the vomit usually is yellowish and not clear.

One should approach such cases carefully; i.e. reduce the diet to one with lower fat levels. If necessary, you may stop giving food for a day or two but never stop giving water unless a veterinarian asks that you do so. Also, vomiting of this type is usually not because of a stomach issue but because if problems in the esophagus. You can wait for 2 – 3 days and if the signs persist, consult a veterinarian for a detailed examination. Meanwhile, you can try OTC canine anti-emetic drugs (anti-vomiting) that do not require a prescription.

Best of luck to you and your dog.

Umer Ahmed Bangash, DVM

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