Large bladder

by Terry
(Rapid City, Sd, USA)

I took my dog in to see a vet. she had to have an X-ray as I was worried she may have swallowed a pin. The vet noticed in the X-ray that her bladder seemed large but I was so relieved that she hadn't swallowed a pin that I didn't ask further. Is a large bladder dangerous for her?

Editor Suggestion - Dog with Large Bladder

Hi Terry,

The short answer is that you should absolutely call your vet to ask about this condition and how you should monitor your dog. While your Vet probably will just monitor the condition, we would still place a call.

A large bladder can indicate a few different conditions, some of which can be serious if left untreated. One possibility is that your dog is retaining urine, which could be due to a blockage or other obstruction in the urinary tract. This can lead to urinary tract infections, kidney damage, and other complications.

Another possibility is that your dog has a condition called bladder stones, which are mineral deposits that can form in the bladder and cause discomfort, inflammation, and other problems. If left untreated, bladder stones can lead to infection and damage to the bladder and surrounding tissues.

It's important to follow up with your veterinarian to discuss the findings from the X-ray and any recommended next steps. Depending on the underlying cause of the large bladder, treatment options may include medication, surgery, or other interventions to address the issue and prevent further complications.

As mentioned, monitor your dog's urination habits and look for signs of discomfort or difficulty urinating, such as straining, frequent urination, or accidents in the house. If you notice any changes in your dog's behavior or symptoms, it's important to contact your veterinarian right away.


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