Large Knot on Left Side of Dog Neck

by Michael W Alton
(Mims, Florida, USA)

Thor sitting in front seat of car like human

Thor sitting in front seat of car like human

My younger dog Thor has a large knot on left side and not the right side. I noticed a few days ago, he is only a year and 8 months old. His DNA came back as Golden Retriever, Border Collie and Weimaraner. He is everything to me and I cannot stand the possibility of him having a cancerous thyroid tumor.

I have been praying not, and saying it not either, but I'm not a vet. Taking a photo of the area is almost impossible you wouldn't see anything He is a long hair dog. I'll send a picture of him.

Thank you

Editor Suggestion Cause of Large Knot on Dog Neck

Hi Michael,

I understand your concern for Thor, especially when discovering something unusual like a knot. I can offer some general guidance for this type of problem.

Symptoms: Large knot on the left side, noticed a few days ago.

Recommendation: While it's natural to worry about serious conditions like cancer, it's also quite common for dogs to develop benign lumps or swellings that are not cancerous. The knot could be anything from a simple fatty lump (lipoma) to a localized infection.

The only way to know for sure what this lump is would be to have Thor examined by a veterinarian. They may need to perform a physical examination and possibly take a sample of the lump via a fine-needle aspirate or biopsy to analyze it.

I strongly recommend scheduling an appointment with your local veterinarian as soon as possible to have the knot examined. While it may be nothing serious, it's always better to have a professional assessment to ease your worries and provide appropriate care if needed.

Editor and Publisher
Dog Health Guide

Please note: This information is intended to complement, not replace, the advice of your pet's veterinarian. Always consult a vet for professional medical advice about your pet's health.

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