Wondering Is It Good To Mix Wet And Dry Food For Your Dog? Find Out Here


It is common sense that you want to provide the best dieting for your dog. They are considered family members and you want their diet to be full of nutrients and as healthy as possible.

Dog food varies from fresh to frozen, dry to wet. Some owners mix all the different types of food due to various reasons. It is useful to know the benefits of all the different types of food and whether or whether not to mix them. You can find it all out here!

Dry Dog Food Pros

Dry dog food contains less than 11% of water and has a long shelf life. This type of food may contain dried meat but not as many wet substances as canned or pouched dog food. The benefits of this dog food are numerous. Firstly, it is easily stored and portable. Additionally, it is good for the dog’s gums. By chewing on dry food, dogs clean their teeth and gums. It is beneficial for your dog’s overall oral health. It prevents tartar and plaque buildup. Fun fact about dogs chewing on crunchy and dry food serves them as a stress relief. Also, since the primal pack days, chewing on something crunchy served as the power showoff. There are a great number of different dry dog foods. Some of them have a higher meat percentage, such as Petzyo, with a high protein share implemented. These protein formulas are good for a dog's proper dieting. It helps muscle development and strengthens their bones. However, be careful with the amount of dry food you give to your dog. High protein saturation can lead to your dog’s obesity. 

dog eating from dog bowl

Wet Dog Food Pros

There are several reasons why wet food is a good choice for your dog. It is appetizing and resembles fresh meat they crave so much. The wet dog food has lower carbohydrate saturation. You should know that wet food can prevent weight gain and even motivate weight loss. Wet dog food is stored in cans; therefore, it is easier to estimate the size of the portion. Usually, one can is one portion. There are cases, depending on the dog size, where one can is appropriate for more than one portion. Wet dog food has higher water content. Hence, it prevents the dog’s dehydration. In general, wet dog food has a few preservatives because it is kept in the liquid. 

bowl of wet dog food

Mixing Dry and Wet Dog Food

According to some vet studies, it is completely fine to mix dry and wet dog food. It depends on your dogs’ dietary habits, overall health condition, food preferences, and lastly, your budget. Quality wet and dry foods are formulated to provide your dog with enough vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and other essential nutrients beneficial for your dog. However, if your dog has some specific dietary plans due to the specific health condition, you should stick to the regular dietary plan. If you want to make some changes in your dog’s diet, you must consult a vet. Here is a shortlist of the benefits of mixing dry and wet dog food:

  • Improves water intake. Namely, dry food has a very low water content, less than 11%; on the other hand, wet dog food is 68-78% water. If your dog prefers drinking water, then you should try mixing some dry and wet food. It can motivate their water intake. 
  • They will enjoy their food. If your dog is a fan of dry food. Adding a little bit of spice will make them enjoy their meals even more. They will wipe clean their bowls. 
  • Balanced meals. When you mix feed your dog, you are giving them balanced meals. You are giving them the best of both types of foods. Mixing these foods is extremely nutritional for your pet. 
  • Helps control your dog’s weight. Mixing your dog’s food can make meals that will make your dog feel full and demand less food. This will decrease their body weight and keep it under control. 
  • Reduces costs. Wet dog food is much more expensive in comparison to dry one. Combining these two can give your dog the best of both worlds and at the same time save you an additional bank.

Dry and wet dog foods must be of the best quality if you want to provide the best diet to your dog. By mixing them, you will improve their dietary habits and keep them healthy. Take care of their portions. You do not want your dog to gain some additional weight.