Mucocutaneous Treatment

by Belinda
(Michigan )

My dog has mucocutaneous can I buy the medicine at a store.

Editor Comment

Hi Belinda,

I’m sorry to hear that. Mucocutaneous pyoderma is a bacterial skin infection that affects the lips and peri-oral skin mainly, with lesions occasionally found on the eyelids, vulva, prepuce or anus. Treatment of mucocutaneous pyoderma involves topical therapies and systemic antibiotics. Oral or systemic antibiotics are a basic treatment measure for canine pyoderma. The vet will prescribe the medication he believes is best suited for your pet’s case. Targeted antibiotics are administered to kill specific bacteria when the lab tests reveal the strain responsible for the infection3. Vets often supplement systemic antibiotics with ointments and shampoos to expedite recovery.

Based on your description it is unclear what specific condition your dog has been diagnosed with. Therefore, I cannot provide you with specific advice on the type of medication that your dog may need.

It’s best to consult with a veterinarian who can diagnose your dog’s condition and prescribe the appropriate medication. You can ask your vet if you can buy the medicine at a store or if it requires a prescription.

I hope this helps!


Editor and Publisher
Dog Health Guide

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