My dog seems to get an upset stomach in the mornings

Hi, I have a 10 year old, male cockapoo who has always had minor issues with his stomach and has been on grain free dog food since he was a puppy. However, for the past month his stomach seems to have gotten worse. In the mornings, his stomach gurgles and churns really loud and he refuses to eat and just wants to eat grass. By late afternoon, he has usually perked up and eats some chicken/egg with rice. The next couple of days he seems like himself and we give him multiple small portions of chicken/egg and rice and slowly introduce his regular food. After a few days of seeming fine, he starts with a gurgling stomach and loss of appetite again and it's back to square 1!

This morning, I was planning on introducing his normal food again as he has been on chicken/egg and rice for the past couple of days and he has seemed his normal self, but he woke up at 5am with a gurgling stomach again! As I say, he normally has a sensitive stomach every once in a while and giving him bland food for a couple of days usually works but at the moment, as soon as he seems fine, he starts again. I have seen that there are dog foods for sensitive stomachs but I'm not sure whether this will be any different from the grain free food he is already on and his stomach has started again this morning after only being on bland food for the past couple of days

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thoughts from Our Editor on Dog Dietary Problems

We suggest consulting with your veterinarian as soon as possible to determine the cause of your dog's symptoms. Your Vet may recommend additional testing, such as blood work or x-rays, to diagnose the underlying issue. It may also be necessary to switch to a different type of food, such as a prescription diet for digestive issues, continuation of a grain free diet such as the one you are on, or to add digestive enzymes to your dog's current diet. In the meantime, continuing to feed your dog small, frequent meals of boiled chicken and rice may help settle his stomach. Again check with our vet.

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