My Puppy Has Giardia

by Isaiah Lane
(Las Vegas, NV)

Reader Question: Treatment for Giardia in Puppies

My rescue puppy is 4 months old and a male Russell Terrier mix. We've had him for one and a half months and we found out today that he still has giardia.

He has gone through treatment before and he still has it so the Vet recommended to repeat the treatment.

Is there anything else that we can do to get him over this so the little fellow can have some fun because we have to keep him away from other dogs.He also had kennel cough, we think that he had all this before we adopted him.

Vet Suggestion for Treating Puppy Giardia

Hello Isaiah,

I am sorry to hear of all that you and your new puppy are going through! Treating Giardia can be difficult.

Scenarios like the one you describe are fairly common. It takes a strong and well-functioning immune system to completely eradicate Giardia infections, something that young puppies are often lacking.

I tend to handle cases like the in the following manner:

  • Treat the puppy with several rounds of appropriate anti-Giardia medications (metronidazole and fenbendazole are good).

  • Support the puppy’s immune system with excellent nutrition and ensure that he or she is free of other parasites, infections, etc. (Your dog’s Kennel Cough might be playing a role here)

  • Provide good hygiene (pick up poop ASAP, wash down contaminated hard surfaces with bleach water, etc.).

  • Wait for the puppy to mature and keep your fingers crossed!

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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