My senior dog

by Pamela

My 14 year old Snoodle has trouble hearing and seeing. He had a blood panel and seems healthy. Lately he seems to be shaking on and off which is new for him. It's cold so he's wearing a coat and the house is warm. He has never shaken before this last couple of weeks. Any suggestions what could be the cause and how do I remedy it?

Possible Causes for Dog Shaking

It's possible that the shaking could be related to your dog's age, sensory loss or an underlying health issue such as neurological or joint pain. Also, many dogs develop tremors as they age due to muscle weakening. Shaking can be a side effect of several medical conditions such as vestibular disease, distemper and kidney disease.

To determine one of these many causes and to get a definitive diagnosis, I would recommend that you take him to a veterinarian for an examination and any necessary testing. Your Vet may also suggest a change in diet, medication or other treatments to help manage the symptoms.

Let us know what your Vet says.

Jeff G.

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