Odd Dog Rash

by Sarah
(Windsor, Ontario, canada)

Dog Rash Reader Question

Well, I have a male Black Lab mixed with a German Shepherd and Doberman Pinscher. Near his genital area he has an odd rash looking dog skin condition. Almost like a fungus. It is black and it has a bunch of tiny little spots on it, by tiny I mean like the size of the pointed part of a nail.

I am concerned because he recently had fleas and his skin was irritated then. It is still itchy but I think it's because of dryness? Anyways do you know what the little black spots are? And they are only a little patch of them...

Dog Rash Dog Health Guide Editor Suggestion:

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your question regarding dog rash and fleas.

Proper treatment of a dog flea infestation involves several approaches. Treating a dog flea problem is directly related to the life cycle of fleas and the pathogenesis of an infestation (how an infestation or flea problem develops). Additionally, for complete elimination of fleas, disinfection of your dog's environment is considered a vital part of treatment.

Fleas can cause a dermatitis (skin) and allergic reaction. The fleas form burrows under the skin, resulting in skin lesions. Fleas also contain a histamine like substance in their saliva, resulting in an allergic reaction, which persists even after recovery and elimination of the fleas.

Similarly, the eggs and larval stages of fleas usually do not get eliminated by a single therapy, as they are resistant to most therapeutic agents available for this purpose,
thus repeated therapy with an anti flea preparation is required.

Symptoms such as black, tiny little spots over the skin along with itching indicate that your dog is experiencing flea bite allergy, which if not treated properly may result in more severe problems, such as secondary infection and the need to use antibiotics and steroids as part of the treatment in order to reach a cure.

In this case we suggest using a conditioning anti flea shampoo such as Zodiac Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo for Dogs & Puppies for bathing your dog, with regular use for at least 4 – 6 weeks. This should be enough for an effective result. You can follow the manufacturer’s directions in this regard, as different commercial products are formulated in different ways.

Additionally, to restore complete dog skin and coat health and to reduce the chance of itchiness and skin coat black spots, you can use a quality herbal/homeopathic preparation such as FleaDerm for Flea Bite Dermatitis. This will help to reduce the symptoms your dog is suffering from will help to keep the skin healthy.

Remember that disinfection of all belongings and your dog's environment is essential for the complete elimination of fleas and to prevent a recurring infestation (the fleas if not killed in the environment will just jump back on your dog. You should disinfect your home with help of quality disinfectants available in form of sprays and dusts such as Benzarid and Fossil Shell Dust. Wash all of your dog's belongings with a quality detergent in warm water.

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