One Cold Dog Ear and One Warm Dog Ear

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My dog has one cold ear and one warm ear. Is this significant?

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Thank you for your question regarding dog ear temperature.

The normal physiology of any organ in the body refers to a certain body temperature, For example, in dogs, the normal dog rectal temperature should remain at 102 Degrees Fahrenheit. Normal temperature indicates the health status of any living organism. Thus temperature and status should remain normal, both anatomically and physiologically. Any change, specifically an unusual change represents that there is some type of pathological condition (disease or dog health problem).

In this case, if one dog ear is cold while the other dog ear is warm, it doesn’t indicate normal health status, unless it is temporary.

Fortunately, it does not indicate a generalized condition (one that is affecting your dog's entire body), as it seems that the problem is localized or just affecting the ear.

There are several possibilities, for example, if a dog ear is cold, it may not be getting an adequate supply of blood, , or if a dog ear is too warm, it could be a symptom of inflammation or a hematoma (localized dog ear swelling that is filled with blood).

So, you should carefully note any unusual symptoms such as hyper pigmentation (darkened dog skin spots) on the cold ear, signs of any secretions in the ear or redness over and inside of the warm ear.

You can wait for a few days, and if you notice any unusual symptom or if the condition persists, in any of the dog ears, you should consult a veterinarian. It should be carefully diagnosed and treated.

To keep dog ears healthy at home, try to clean the ear regularly and try some natural remedies which support ear health such as Ear Dr. These remedies will help to keep the ears healthy and will support the immune system, thereby preventing any possible conditions developing in the ear.

Obviously dog ears are vulnerable to many infectious and non infectious pathological conditions, so if this hot dog ear and cold dog ear condition persists, be sure to see a veterinarian.

Please keep us up to date on your dog ear condition.

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Jun 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

This happened to my dog tonight. It was ice cold. It got my attention quickly. I felt his other ear, & it felt warm like it normally does. I got the idea to put his ear in between my hands and rub it. It took about 15 minutes but now his ear is back to normal. Is it possible his ear "fell asleep"?

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to post this article. I was concerned enough to try to find out what that was about. So, thank you :) ♡

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