Parvo Home Remedy

by Mary
(Quitman Ga)

Here's my cure for parvo

- carnation powdered milk
- 1 egg yolk
- 1 teaspoon sugar

and enough water to make a shake

Give every 2 hours according to weight

Only give water in very small amounts every 2 hours to avoid them throwing up. It is VERY important to give this every 2 hours even through the night. I used Pedialyte.

After they are over the parvo, only give boiled chicken that has boiled to the point it falls off the bone.

Give the chicken only for a few days until they have showed much improvement. I have done this several times and it does work. You can email me @

Editor Comment Parvo Home Remedy


I like your recommendations as a way of getting a little liquid and energy into a dog that is suffering from parvo, but calling it a “cure” goes a little too far.

Parvo is caused by a virus that infects rapidly reproducing cells within the body – most often the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, but sometimes also the bone marrow and heart.

The only “cure” for parvo is the body’s own ability to fight off the virus and repair the damage that the infection caused. Some dogs are able to do this with little help from us, others require hospitalization and very aggressive treatment, and some will die no matter what we do.

These differences are attributable to variations in the severity of the infection and the ability of a dog’s immune system to respond effectively.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Sep 18, 2011
by: Nirmala

I have 5 five months old dogs that contracted with parvo about two weeks ago. I lost 2, then I had the other 2 survived, but right now I still have the youngest of the litter contracted. The first one died within 24 hours, the second one died within 5 days; I gave her water every 2 hours, I feed her rice porridge with syringe, I changed and cleaned her area every time she vomited, but she died after she discharged bloody runny poop. The third and fourth that got contracted survived it, I only fed them water mixed with sugar and also Vermint (a local medicine made out of dried worms that could help the body rejects and prevents any viruses). Right now, the youngest is in her worst stage of parvo; she vomits clear bile, looks depressed, and discharged her first bloody runny poop. I still gave her water, sugar, and Vermint. She's vomiting almost every time I got everything down her throat. But after reading this post, I started to give her milk mixed with eggs and give her in a syringe for about 3 shots every hour. So far she hasn't vomit anything, hopefully she will get better.

Thank you for sharing this info. Oh and by the way, it's rather difficult in my country to find a decent vet. That's why I chose to treat my dogs at home.

May 04, 2011
Parvo Chihuahua
by: Melissa Plymale

I very recently saved my 3 lb chihuahua with parvo, only with the help of my Vet and 24 hr care of my precious Dozer! Because NPO is the orders for dogs with Parvo, I took a small syringe and slowly put pedilyte up the rectum. The fluids are immediately "soaked up" to help in hydration! Daily visits to the vet to get subQ fluids and glucose were necessary to his survival! It was literally a 24 hr job for over a week and no sleep for the humans, but little Dozer is still with us, thanks to alot of work and the grace of God!!

Dozer also has a few hypoglycemic seizures as well as almost comatose one day as well, but we never gave up on him and he is still with us! If only he would start chewing his food again, he only licks now :(

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