Parvo Virus Reinfection

by Laci

I found out my twelve week old boxer has parvo and the vet is keeping him for 3 or 4 days until he is better. I cleaned his cage, linens, bowls and toys and was wondering if I should have my carpets cleaned as well?

My vet told me that parvo is like chicken pox to a human once they have it they become immune and won't get it again. I was reading your article above though and it kinda scared me because you used the word REINFECTED and here I was thinking he was gonna be good to go when he came home.

Was I told the wrong information today at the vet or is there always the chance he could get it again?

Comment from our Vet regarding Parvo reinfection

Hi Laci

Your boxer will not be reinfected when he comes back home, but other dogs visiting your house could certainly become sick after coming in contact with the virus that remains there.

I generally recommend that you not allow other dogs in your house or yard for six months after your puppy was diagnosed unless they are fully vaccinated and otherwise healthy. Puppies are not fully protected until two weeks after their LAST set of vaccines (these are usually given around 4 months of age).

Cleaning your carpets is not necessary, other than for aesthetic reasons if your dog had accidents there. The parvo virus is very hardy and would probably remain in the carpet even after a steam cleaning.

Just pick up any poop that you can and wash hard surfaces with bleach water or another disinfectant (e.g., Parvosol) that is labeled to kill parvovirus.

I hope your puppy recovers quickly!
Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Oct 07, 2015
parvo cure
by: Anonymous

Parvaid works. It saved 6 pups right in front of me along with colloidal silver.

Apr 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

we have a 9 month Boxer who is in the hospital being treated for parvo. we also have two other dogs, one is about 6 months, the other is about 12 1/2 years old. they are current with their shots. I fear they may get sick. what do you think?

Oct 05, 2011
Litter mates with PARVO!?
by: Brenda

I have a question concerning Parvo ????

Litter mates acting lethargic with some vomiting.
One goes to Vet and is said to have PARVO. No blood tests or fecal tests were done to reach the diagnosis of parvo.

Treatment was wiht fluids and anti nausea medications .. NO antibiotics.

They are 13 weeks old

Other pup bounced right back in puppy mode.
and was up and eating and drinking. They made the 1600 mile trip home by car and she was fine.

She is eating , drinking and playing But the litter mate is at deaths door.

Is there ANY CHANCE it wasn't/isn't PARVO?

The neighbor gave them CORN COBS a few days before to chew on & I wonder if it was a blockage... but the VET said they are certain it wasn't.

Do some pups bounce back like that ? I have never known a pup to~

I have 2 other dogs, 14 & 13 - they have their shots - but should I be concerned about them contracting PARVO?

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