Pimples on my Blue Nosed Pitbull Can Be Canine Pyoderma

by Samantha
(Newark, NJ)

My blue nosed pitbull has severe canine acne all over the sides of her face and on her back. They are not bothering her but I would like to know what the cause is. She doesn't have fleas and she is in a very clean environment. I am stumped and I don't know what to do.

Vet Suggestion Canine Pyoderma (dog skin bacterial infection)

Hi Samantha,

I can’t diagnose your dog’s condition without examining her, but based on your description, one possibility is something called pyoderma. Pyoderma is basically a bacterial infection of the skin that in its milder forms, cause pus-filled pimples to develop in the skin. Because her skin is not bothering her and I assume she is feeling well otherwise, you could safely try treating her at home with a medicated shampoo. Look for products that contain benzoyl peroxide (e.g.; Dermapet Plus Shampoo), chlorhexidine (Duoxo PS Shampoo), chlorhexidine-ketoconazole, ethyl lactate, or triclosan and follow the directions on the bottle.

If your dog’s condition does not improve, get her in to the veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment. Many cases of pyoderma in dogs require lengthy courses of antibiotics before they go away and stay away. If skin infections become a recurrent problem, your veterinarian will need to start looking for an underlying cause.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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