Pit Bull with Weird Lumps on Skin

by Julia
(Hadley, Ma)

These lumps change in placement size and amount, often. Sometimes it is worse than others. We brought her to our vet and were told to watch diet for process of elimination to see if it was a possible allergic reaction, but even with doing that, the bumps still appear and seem to only be getting worse. We do not give her treat anymore and when the bumps appear, as directed by the vet, we give her Benadryl, which used to seem to work, but now the affect seems minimal if affective at all. The bumps do not itch her or seem to bother her, they are just visible and seem odd...

I am concerned as to what this could be, and even more so, why it continues to be getting worse. I have not gone back to the vet as of yet, but I would appreciate any information or ideas as to what this could be and how I can help my poor pup, as she is still just a puppy.

Thank you

In addition to this which I do not know if it is relevant to the bumps or not, or if it is something that may help with the diagnosis or not, but she also has a reddish rash like skin path under
her chin/neck, and sometimes on her belly. Also this does not seem to itch or bother her too much.

Editor Suggestion

Hi Julia,

I’m sorry to hear about your puppy’s condition. There are many possible causes for bumps on a dog’s skin, including lipomas (fatty tumors), sebaceous cysts, warts, skin tags, abscesses, and cancerous masses. It’s important to have a veterinarian examine any changes to your dog’s skin to determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment.

Here are some possibilities:

Allergic reaction: Even though you've been monitoring her diet, she may still be experiencing allergies from environmental factors like pollen, grass, or household cleaning products.

Skin infection: Bacterial or fungal infections can cause lumps, rashes, and other skin problems in dogs.

Parasites: Fleas, ticks, or mites can cause skin irritation and lumps, even if the dog is not itching.

Atopic dermatitis: This is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition in dogs, often caused by an allergic reaction to environmental factors.

Immune-mediated conditions: Some dogs may develop lumps or rashes due to an overactive immune system.

The reddish rash-like skin patch under her chin/neck and sometimes on her belly could be related or unrelated to the bumps. It’s best to consult with your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


Editor and Publisher
Dog Health Guide

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