Prolonged Dog Giardia

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Reader Question: Repeated cases of Giardia

Our dog came from the breeder with giardia. We are currently in the second round of meds. The first round didn't work as she still positive. She is now 6 months old. This is very frustrating and concerning. What can we do to help eliminate this.

Suggestion from our editor on Dog Giardia Treatment


Giardia treatment can be challenging with repeated bouts of the disorder are common. A dog's immune system has to be functioning well in or to eliminate the disease, something not always seen in young dogs.

Treatment usually involving several rounds with medications such as fenbendazole and metronidazole. Along with medications makes sure you are providing high quality nutrition and have the pup checked for other problems such as other types of parasites.

Also make sure that your pups environment is hygienic and feces free. Bathing with shampoo is a good idea to remove any waste and feces on the last day of therapy. Keep outdoor areas clean by either using a disinfectant or steam-cleaning. Do not allow pup on any surfaces until they are dry.

Ask your vet about changing your dog's diet. Clinical signs such as diarrhea may be helped with the addition of fiber to the diet (helps with bacterial overgrowth). A fat restricted diet may also help.

As the puppy gets older the immune system should be able to eradicate the problem. If the giardia persists then a more extensive workup may be needed to diagnose other underlying diseases.

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