Puppy Bladder Issues After Getting Spayed

by Mike

Our 23 week old Golden Doodle puppy went to get spayed last week and she has had blood in her urine ever since and looses control of her bladder and when she is outside. She is continuously trying to pee.

We have received pills from our vet for a bladder infection but could this be something more serious?

Vet Suggestion Regarding Puppy Bladder Issues After Getting Spayed


Hopefully, all you are dealing with is a dog bladder infection, and it clears up quickly with appropriate antibiotic treatment. If this is what happens, I don’t think you have any reason for concern.

However, other conditions can cause the symptoms that you describe. These include bladder stones, developmental abnormalities of the urinary tract, kidney infections, and yes, potentially a surgical complication (the bladder lies right next to the uterus that was removed during the spay).

If your dog does not quickly return to normal with the antibiotic therapy (improvement should be noticeable within just a day or two), let your veterinarian know. If you feel that he or she is not responsive to your concerns, get a second opinion.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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