Puppy Parvo or Vaccine Reaction?

by Sara
(Paris, AR)

Puppy Parvo Reader Question: I just got a Pug puppy from a friend. She takes great care of her Pugs. She wormed them 2x and gave them their 6-way shots at 5/half weeks.

My pup is now 6 weeks. We brought him home the first night and everything was fine now. He will not eat, he is lathargic, throws up, but not alot mainly when i syringe feed him.

We brought him back to mom and he has no interest in nursing or anything. Help is he really sick? Does he have puppy parvo?? Can he have got it from the shots???

Puppy Parvo Editor Comment:

Dear Sara

Sorry to hear about your puppy. Commercial vaccines, available as 6-Way shots usually include immunization against Canine Distemper, Adenovirus (2), ParaInfluenza, Coronavirus, Hepatitis and Parvovirus. It is comprised of modified live vaccine and killed vaccine.

There are certain precautions for administering this vaccine, which include:

1. It should be administered to puppies which are either 6 week older or more.

2. It should only be administered to healthy puppies with no parasitic infestations.

3. Depending upon the health status of the puppy, it is recommended that maternal antibodies should be assessed before administration.

Unfortunately, biological preparations i.e. vaccines have several side effects, which may happen in some puppies.

Yours puppy is certainly under stress due to the shots. It can not be termed a true illness, since the vaccines usually do not cause clinical illness, as antigens are modified or killed.

These are supposed to only trigger immunity in young puppies, and an annual vaccine dose is meant to maintain immunity or the production of antibodies against possible infections.

You must consult a veterinarian. Symptoms such as anorexia (appetite loss) and lethargy surely represent the side effects of vaccines. The body is in stress, and if needed administration of certain antihistaminc drugs might be needed.

As your veterinarian administers the required specific drugs, you can try some natural remedies & supplements, to reduce the stress caused by vaccines. Products to consider include the Natural Remedy PetCalm Formula and the supplement Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite Plus for Dogs.

Surely, your puppy is going to be fine, but take good care of it, consult your veterinarian and try some herbal remedy in support.

Please keep us updated on your Pugs condition.

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Feb 16, 2010
Parvo Shots Can Cause Parvo
by: ParvoBuster

In our experience, having helped treat well over 3,000 dogs for Parvo during the past three years, we see a lot of dogs getting full-blown Parvo within a day or two of being given their shots.

The problem is, the chemical contained in these vaccinations may be designed to weaken the dog's immune system to allow the dog to trigger antibody production, but it appears that in some cases, the immune system is being completely destroyed for up to two weeks. This clearly increases the chances that the dog will not only come down with the very viruses, etc. that the vaccines are intended to prevent, but any other illness or bug that is going around (e.g. pneumonia).

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