Puppy Worms Treatment

by K.C. Metz

Reader Question: My daughter has a puppy. He is about two months old. She just noticed a worm come out of his anus. I'm worried. It's late on Friday and I can't contact a vet until Monday.

Vet Suggestion For Puppy Worms Treatment

Hello there,

As long as your daughter’s puppy is feeling fine – eating, drinking, no vomiting/diarrhea, and has a normal activity level – you should be fine to wait until you can get the dog in to see a veterinarian on Monday. He or she will want to perform a physical examination and look at a fecal sample underneath the microscope to determine what type of worm is involved. No single dewormer is effective against every type of parasite, so it is always best to know what you are dealing with before starting treatment.

If you simply can’t stand the idea of waiting, you can try an over the counter dewormer that contains only the active ingredient pyrantel pamoate. These products are effective against hookworms and roundworms, two of the most common puppy parasites, and are very safe. Follow the directions that appear on the label. If at any time your daughter’s puppy begins to act sick, he should be taken to the nearest, open veterinary clinic as soon as possible.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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