Recovery After Dog Swallowed Bone

by Heather K
(Waldorf, MD)

Reader Question: Dog Swallowed Bone Recovery

Our Cane Corso got into the trash and swallowed a small cooked beef short rib Friday. He quit eating Saturday night, began vomiting Sunday night through Monday night.

The Veterinarian took a X-Ray Tuesday and it appears to be mostly digested in her bowels without a blockage, but her stomach is very inflamed from the digestion process.

We put her on Cerenia and Carafate Tuesday for 4 days to stop the vomiting and to line her stomach. But it's Thursday and she still will not eat ANYTHING (but she will drink water).

Should I force feed her?

Wait for her to eat on her own?

When should I get worried about not eating?



Veterinarian Suggestion: Dog With No Appetite After Bone is Swallowed

Hi Heather,

I do not recommend force feeding your dog, but she is at the point now where a lack of nutrition could be harming her.

Have you tried one of the “critical care” or “recovery” diets that are available through veterinarians?

They are very nutrient dense, so even if your dog only licks up a small amount, she would get a significant nutritional boost. Dogs tend to love the taste of these foods and they are formulated into a “pate” that makes them physically less irritating to the stomach than is kibble. They can even be mixed with water to form a “soup.”

Ask your veterinarian whether he or she thinks one of these diets is appropriate for your dog.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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