Red Area Near Dog Eye

Reader Question: Cause of a Red Area Near a Dog's Eye

My 5yr old Bichon has developed a red area in the corner of his eyes and looks like the area is spreading. His tear stains are usually well under control using "diamond eyes" but I stopped using it when I noticed the area becoming red and have been using a normal saline wash for just over a week. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

Suggestion from Our Veterinarian


Based on your description, I am unable to tell whether the “red area” by your Bichon’s eye just involves the fur or the skin and/or mucous membranes. If it is the latter, these tissues may be infected or otherwise irritated. Your veterinarian would need to examine the area and the eye itself to determine exactly what is going on and make a plan for treatment.

If it is only your dog’s fur that is getting “redder,” he could be producing more tears than normal, which could also be a sign of eye problems. Some tear staining is normal in many breeds of dogs, including Bichons, but when you notice a change it is always best to rule out health conditions that might worsen without appropriate treatment.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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