Red Itchy Dog Rash

by Courtney
(Lynn, MA)

Red itchy dog rash on underside of body is probably caused by Puppy Pyoderma (also called Impetigo)

Red itchy dog rash on underside of body is probably caused by Puppy Pyoderma (also called Impetigo)

My pit bull is about 8 months old, male. He has this horrible worsening rash on his underside- irritated, but not dry or greasy, with continuous licking & itching.

He has had it for at least a few weeks now but there has been no change in his food, I clean his cage(with baby wipes now, rather than disinfectant wipes), bathe him (with baby shampoo), no improvements.

It seems to be spreading - even slightly to his face were he is also starting to itch as well. He is not shedding but has chewed off some fur in certain areas from the itch.

He has got his 1st set of shots a few months back including: 6 in 1 (DH4LP + Parvo), Corona, Bordetella, hook & roundworm dewormer. He will be going back for his next set next week but I didn't want to wait till then to do something about this rash, if possible. Any ideas?


Courtney & Lucifer

Vet Comments regarding Puppy Skin Rash and Itch

Hi Courtney,

I can’t say with certainty what is going on with your dog, but based on your description, photo and on Lucifer’s age, my best guess is that he is suffering from puppy pyoderma (sometimes called impetigo).

This is a common type of superficial skin infection we see in young dogs. The good news is that it usually responds very well to a topical antiseptic like chlorhexidine.

In more severe cases, topical or oral antibiotics might be required, but most puppies outgrow the problem given enough time.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Dec 18, 2016
by: Anonymous

You said it yourself... just after the first set of shots it started. I found that my dog had dermatitis after visiting the vet. So...I stopped going.
1. Started giving him mineral supplements(Arthrydex by youngevity).
2. Started feeding him raw food 5 times a day. Eggs gluten free dry food, chicken wings, bones etc
3. Give him a massage just before bed.

He no longer has skin conditions. I don't let him have any shots or chemicals. That includes dog treats....
He has never been better!!!

Sep 28, 2012
same issue
by: Anonymous

My male pitbull has the same issue.. a "nervous disorder" lol...i give him benadryl to clear it up and have him on an herbal drop the keep him realxed during high stress times

Jul 26, 2012
Hope this helps
by: Itchy Dog

Baby shampoo can dry out a dogs skin. You should switch to a oatmeal based dog shampoo. Let it set in his skin for a couple of minutes. Ask you vet as well about giving your dog benedryl. It is based on the weight of the dog.

We had a similar issue with a new puppy.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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