Relieve Dog Constipaton


"Relieve Dog Constipation with our suggestions on how to use several home remedies. These include dietary change, exercise, mineral oil and dietary supplements."


Just like people, dogs can become constipated. Constipation most often occurs due to poor diet including a lack of fiber, too much fiber or a blockage such as a bone fragment. Other causes include bladder infection, worms and not getting enough exercise.

Symptoms of constipation include straining to move their bowels, having frequent bowel movements but small amounts, and hard dry stools. There may be blood or mucus on the stools, however. Loss of appetite and lethargy are other signs of constipation in dogs.

If you notice signs of constipation in your dog, there are several things you can do to relieve dog constipation.

If these things don't work, or if your dog is unable to move his bowels at all or if his constipation is accompanied by vomiting, see your vet. Your dog may have an intestinal blockage or other problems requiring medical care. Take a stool sample with you if you can get one.

Dog constipation treatment is usually involves dietary change, and if visiting a veterinarian, often they will prescribe a mild laxative. If the stool is hard an enema will be prescribed to cleanse the system.

Relieve Dog Constipation
Dog constipation patient. Beagle diagnosed with anorexia, abdominal distension, weight-loss and constipation. After ultra-sound and X-ray examination intestinal obstruction (megacolon/fecaloma)was diagnosed.

Home Remedies for Dog Constipation

  1. Feed your dog a high quality commercial dog food. Limit snacks and don't feed your dog table scraps. A healthy diet will prevent constipation and help to relieve it if it does occur.

  2. Make sure your dog always has fresh water available. Dehydration leads to hard stools.

  3. Your dog needs to get enough insoluble fiber such as cellulose in their diet. A good commercial dog food should supply this, but if he needs a little more, you can add some bran to his food. Just add two teaspoons of bran cereal to his food each day. If your dog tends to get constipation frequently, you can do this on a regular basis to prevent constipation.

  4. Add psyllium (Metamucil) to his diet. Give him half a teaspoon twice a day, along with plenty of water. This will relieve dog constipation by increasing the bulk of his stool, making it easier to move through his bowel.

  5. Give your dog two teaspoons of mineral oil twice a day. This will relieve dog constipation by making the stool softer and easier to pass.

  6. Regular exercise helps the bowels function properly. Make sure your dog has plenty of opportunity for exercise.

  7. Regular "breaks" are important. If waste stays in the bowel too long, too much water is absorbed and the stool becomes hard. So make sure your dog has regular opportunities to relieve himself and doesn't have to "hold it" too long. Consider doing this on a set schedule.

  8. Supplement the diet with a good herbal remedy that contains Psyllium nigrum husk (dietary fiber), Avena sativa (Oats), Aloe Ferox (natural system cleanser), Natrium Muriaticum 6C (Nat. Mur.). Constipation supplements offered by PetAlive Natural Moves for Healthy Digestion and Treatment of Constipation are worth considering.



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