What is the Role of Nutrition in Maintaining Your Dog's Overall Health?

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Energy | Resistance | Mood | Skin | Body Condition


"Dogs have long been considered man's best friend and for a good reason. They are always there for us and will give us the best of their love. In the same way, we should give them the best of our care and compassion, and one of the best ways to do so is to give them proper nutrition. Nutrition plays a great role in maintaining a dog’s wellbeing. For example, amino acids, carbohydrates, together with proteins and vitamins play a role of paramount importance in a dog's life.

To that end, if you are interested in greater detail about what the role of nutrition in maintaining your dog’s overall health is, make sure you scroll down the list."

dog paws and bowl of dog kibble


Dogs are generally active and exuberant beings that rarely can stay still. They will grab the chance to run and play whenever they have a chance. However, a lot of running takes energy, which, in turn, takes a lot of quality food. To that end, it is important that you provide your dog with all the nutrients that are necessary for unhindered functioning and enough energy. With this diet, they will be able to enjoy playing and running all day without feeling exhausted.


As already pointed out, food is essential to an animal’s health and wellbeing in general. Quality bags of food for dogs usually contain the necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential in building a strong immune system. What is more, a proper and adequate amount of these nutrients will enhance the metabolism, which, in turn, will have beneficial effects on their optimal body weight. On top of that, your dog will build better resistance to diseases and be less vulnerable to infections! 

Pet owners have created their own websites to share guides and reviews, to help other pet owners make informed decisions. One such site, Honest Whiskers, offers in-depth reviews of different brands of dog food. They have reviews sorted by dog breed, and even by ingredients or different health issues that the dog might have. Your dog will certainly be grateful to you for your careful choice of its food and will give you a lot of love and play. 

dog looking at dog bowl


The mood is the next feature of your dog that is directly affected by their food. The food we consume influences our manner of living and how we approach daily chores. Indeed, low-quality and thus toxic food will have an impact on your dog's mood. Your furry friend will be less energetic, less enthusiastic about exploring the world, and will play less. All these symptoms might be a consequence of improper diet that causes digestion problems. Since the stomach is well connected to the mind, this is reflected in their rather passive behavior and low energy.


The qualities of a shiny and thick hair coat are mostly a sign of good health. It is but these qualities that usually attract another sex when it comes to dog breeding. By the same token, poor health and diet will result in rather poor skin elasticity and the shine of the hair coat, which can also decrease the sexual potency of your dog.  

In order to prevent this, make sure you provide your pet with omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. For instance, omega-3 acids have an anti-inflammatory effect, and this will lead to reduced itching, scratching, and skin allergies in general.

Body Condition

Protein has long been recognized as a key component of human muscle. The same may be said for your pet companions. They also need protein for unhindered muscle growth, immune system, and body condition overall. Not only that, protein is a basic and constituent element of hair, tissues, and organs. If your pet is provided with enough of it daily, then it can freely develop and grow into a healthy and strong dog. 

Foods that are especially rich in protein are chicken, beef, and the similar. In particular, if your pet is pregnant, then it means its organism will require much more nutrients than usual, so make sure you adapt the diet in accordance with its condition. In these specific cases, it is always a good idea to consult a professional for the best diet program suitable for dog pregnancy. 

Our dogs spend most of their life with us, and we certainly are their most important friend in this world. In that way, they really deserve our love, care, and compassion. Simply put, they deserve our best, for they give us their best all the time!