Scabies and Infestation of other Pups

by Angie B
(Little Rock AR)

Reader Question: Scabies and Risk to Other Puppies

How long is a pup with dog scabies contagious to other dogs when treated? There is a pup in desperate need of a foster but I have a houseful and don't want a epidemic.

Suggestion from Our Veterinarian on How To Keep Scabies from Spreading


The best way to confirm that you won’t put your dogs (and yourself!) at risk for contracting scabies (sarcoptic mange) is to allow the puppy to complete treatment for scabies and then have a veterinarian perform some skin scrapings to confirm that no mites are present. The length of treatment will depend on which medication is being used to treat the puppy. Ivermectin, Revolution, or dips (Mitaban or Lime Sulfur) can all be used successfully. The best option depends on the patient’s particular situation. Ask the veterinarian who is treating this puppy for sarcoptic mange what he or she recommends.

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