Shrinking An Adrenal Tumor in Dogs

by Karen
(Orlando Florida)

My 11yr old lab (Angel) has a tumor on each of her adrenal glands. She has no symptoms, but does have Cushing’s. She is on Trilostane and cushex drops.

Now I just hope to avoid the tumors from growing, fearing they will grow into the vena cava and cause her to bleed out.

Is there anything that can help shrink the tumors?

Vet Comment Regarding Dog Adrenal Gland Tumor Treatment

Hello Karen,

The treatment of choice for adrenal tumors is surgery, but that does not sound like a reasonable option in your dog’s case if she has tumors on both of her adrenal glands (in comparison to enlarged adrenal glands secondary to a pituitary tumor – another common cause of Cushing’s disease).

Dogs with nonsurgical adrenal tumors have done well on trilostane, sometimes living for many months seemingly oblivious to the fact that they have cancer. Some oncologists recommend the drug lysodren instead of trilostane based on the thought that it is more likely to kill adrenal cells and minimize the spread of the cancerous cells.

However, if your dog is doing well on trilostane, the stress of changing protocols may not be worth it.

My thoughts are with you.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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