Suggested Treatment for Raw Retracted Dog Vulva

by Robert

Cairn terrier spade before first heat has retracted vulva that is constantly sore in the fold and has been treated by the vet many times to little good.

Fuciderm helps, but antibiotics by mouth and general antiseptic cream have no effect These are small raw patches in the fold of the vulva. We think it is making her miserable and wonder if we should change vet to get the matter sorted.

Help, advice please.

Vet Suggestion for treating a Raw Dog Vulva

Hi Robert,

If the problems you describe are a result of your dog’s recessed vulva, the best option to definitively deal with the situation is for her to have a procedure called a vulvoplasty. This surgery helps to open up the creases around the vulva and should allow the raw patches to heal and prevent the formation of new ones.

Without getting to the root of the problem (her abnormal anatomy) she will most likely continue to suffer from recurrent infections.

If you are not happy with the way your current veterinarian is approaching the situation, a second opinion would certainly be worthwhile.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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