Tapeworms in Puppy Came in Contact With Older Dog - Should We Treat

by Michelle

Our sons new puppy has worms, the little rice looking ones and played with our 8 year old dog, should we treat him for worms now?

Editor Suggestion - Tapeworm Treatment for Eight Year Old Dog That is a Puppy Companion

Hi Michele,

Yes, it's a good idea to treat your 8-year-old dog for worms since they were in contact with the puppy who has been diagnosed with worms. The type of worm you described, with little rice-looking segments, is likely tapeworms. These are often transmitted through ingesting fleas or lice that are infected with tapeworm eggs, which then hatch in the intestines of the dog.

Treatment for tapeworms typically involves a medication called praziquantel, which is usually administered orally. It's important to follow your veterinarian's instructions on dosage and administration, as well as any other recommendations they may have for monitoring your dog's condition after treatment.

It's also important to keep both dogs on regular preventive medication to protect against a wide range of parasites, including worms. Your veterinarian can recommend the appropriate medication based on your dogs' age, weight, and health status, as well as their lifestyle and exposure risks.

In addition to treatment and prevention, it's a good idea to practice good hygiene to reduce the risk of parasite transmission between dogs. This includes regularly cleaning up after your dogs, washing their bedding and toys, and keeping their living spaces clean and well-ventilated.

All the best to you and your dogs.

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