Tick Bite Pictures

"Tick bite pictures in different stages of development. Ticks that are earlier in development tend to attach to smaller mammals. As they develop into adults they look for dogs and people. Ticks look dramatically different after feeding on the blood of their host and expand to many times their original size."

Deer Ticks

The deer tick is responsible for spreading lyme disease to humans and dogs. Other names for the deer tick is the blacklegged deer tick or Ixodes (pronounced x-zod-ease) scapularis.

tick picture - deer legged
Picture of Tick - Deer Tick

Depending on the life stage that the tick is in, the size of the tick will greatly vary. The dog tick pictures below show the various stages of the black legged tick. The larger/older the tick, the more likely it is to feed on a larger mammal such as a dog or human. Smaller ticks look for animals such as mice.

pictures of dog ticks

Picture of larva, nymph, male and female black legged ticks

When a tick feeds on a person or dog, it becomes enlarged as pictured below:

pictures of tick
Picture Tick - Blood Engorged Tick on the Right

tick bite pcitures on dog
Picture Tick on Dog (souce: Borislav Dopudja)

Lone Star Ticks (Amblyomma americanum)

Lone star ticks get their name from the distinctive white spot or star on their back. They are responsible for spreading diseases such as ehrlichiosis, which is a bacterial disease.

picture of tick
Picture of Tick - Lonestar Tick

American Dog Tick (Dermacentor andersoni)

The American dog tick (Rocky Mountain Wood Tick) spreads the disease Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

picture of tick
Picture of Tick - American Dog Tick

Tick Bite Pictures

When a tick bites a person, it attaches its mouth parts to to person or dog it is feeding on.

tick bite pictures
Picture of Tick Mouth

picture of tick bites dog
Ticks in Early Stages are Small - As Seen on a Human Hand

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