Topical Dog Skin Yeast Treatment

by Lauren
(Baton Rouge, LA)

Reader Question:

I have read that vinegar is good for dog skin, but not if the skin is raw. What natural treatment can I use for raw skin and to relieve the itching. Also, what is safe to use for itching around the eyes? The hair is almost gone from his face from him rubbing and scratching it. Thank you.

Response From Our Vet on Treating Dog Skin Itch

Hello Lauren,

It sounds as if your dog’s skin infection is quite severe. Has he seen a veterinarian yet to determine whether yeast alone or a combination of yeast and bacteria are involved? Most canine skin infections develop secondarily to another problem (e.g., allergies or hormonal disorders) and unless the primary problem is also addressed, the skin infection will either fail to resolve or return soon after treatment is stopped.

I frequently recommend shampoos and rinses that contain the active ingredient chlorhexidine when treating skin infections in dogs. Neem oil rinses seem to help some individuals as do omega 3 fatty acid and probiotic supplements. Deciding which therapy would be best in your dog’s case depends on the exact nature of the infection.

Best of luck,
Jennifer Coates, DVM

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