Topical To Reduce Licking of Dog Non-Malignant Skin Growths

Is there a topical that can be used to soothe non-malignant growths or lumps in 15 year old mixed breed dog that will prevent or cut down on excess licking?

Editor Suggestion for Topical to Soothe and Reduce Dog Licking of Skin Growths or Lumps

Just in case you haven't already, we always suggest first consulting with a vet when you notice any abnormal growths on your dog. That said, there are some over-the-counter topical treatments that might help soothe non-malignant growths or lumps in dogs and reduce the urge to lick.

Vet's Best Hot Spot Foam for Dogs: It's a topical solution that provides fast relief for itchy and irritated skin. It's made with natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and aloe vera. The foam relieves the urge to lick, itch and scratch.

Natural Dog Company Skin Soother: This is a gentle lotion that can be applied to soothe dry or cracked skin and reduce the urge to lick.

Dermoscent Bio Balm: This is a soothing balm that is designed for application on dry skin, abrasions, or other skin conditions.

Again, please note that these products should not be used as a replacement for veterinary care. A vet should be consulted to ensure the growth is indeed non-malignant and to discuss treatment options.

It's also worth noting that dogs often lick or chew at themselves due to anxiety, allergies, or other underlying health conditions, so it's important to monitor their overall health and behavior and report any changes to the vet.

Please ensure to keep any topical product you use out of your dog's eyes, and remember that some dogs may have allergies or reactions to certain ingredients. You should monitor your dog for any adverse reactions after the initial application.

Please let us know how it works out.

Editor and Publisher
Dog Health Guide

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